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USCPA programme

GAPE Academy and Becker Professional Education Group partnered to deliver USCPA preparatory courses from July 2016.

Analyzing Data

A CPA is a certified public accountant who is licensed by a state board of accountancy. To earn the prestige associated with the CPA license, you are required to demonstrate knowledge and competence by meeting high educational standards, passing the CPA exam and completing a specific amount of general accounting experience. The two most important aspects of becoming a CPA are passing the Uniform CPA Exam and meeting licensing requirements in the state where you want to practice.

What are the Uniform CPA exams?

By successfully passing the Uniform CPA exams administered by AICPA /American Institute of Certified Public Accountants/ and NASBA /National Association of State Boards of Accountancy/ candidates shall complete the licensing requirement to practice as CPA. Uniform CPA exam consists of four, four-hour sections:

  • Audit (AUD)

  • Financial accouting (FAR)

  • Business (BUS)

  • Regulation (REG).

Why choose to study USCPA?

This is great opportunity for Mongolian professionals aiming at CPA designation to build a career in USA. 75% of CPAs who currently work will retire in 15 years and there is an urgent need to start planning for succession. It means that demand for CPAs will be growing stronger. It is not only about going abroad to work, CPA designation will enable number of benefits even in home country. 

The globalisation and increased foreign direct investment in Mongolia in sectors like mining, infrastructure, banking, capital markets resulted in increased publicity and attention being drawn into Mongolia. Thus, these companies all need professional with reputable designation like CPA.  

Additional benefit:

After completing USCPA, the CIMA programme would grant exemption from 13 out of 14 papers. CPA only has to complete TOP CIMA (last paper) to get exemptions and qualify as CIMA /Chartered Institute of Management Accountant). 

USCPA preparatory programme's duration is 2 years. This constitutes Professional English intensive course and Uniform CPA exam preparation course for each section using online platform and face-to-face teaching, both on group basis and one-on-one basis. 

The courses are delivered by experienced, qualified foreign and Mongolian tutors. If you are passionate about studying for Uniform CPA exams while continuing your career and personal life in Mongolia at competitive fee we are ready to help you. Do not sit back from chance to be recognised internationally and change your career and personal life. 


Experienced tutors

Mentors are CPAs


At GAPE's centrally-located, modern, clean and  exclusive environement. 


10-15 students


2 years

 6 months +18 months

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