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ACCA programme

About ACCA:

The most forward-thinking professional accountancy body with 227,000 members, 544,000 students, 7,571 approved employers, 323 approved learning providers.

Accountancy is vital in development of economies - this is why ACCA is working globally to develop this profession to make the societies fairer.

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Benefits of ACCA membership:

  • Work anywhere in the world - recognised in 180 countries

  • Stand out to the best employers

  • Build the career you want

  • Continuous professional development (essential for accounting and finance professional in today's fast-changing world)

  • Be a part of global network 

  • Be part of future-ready organisation 

  • 74% of employers value ACCA as creative and innovative organisation

  • 88% of employers think ACCA provides skills relevant in business world          

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GAPE Academy is Gold Approved Learning Provider of ACCA in Mongolia. We are delivering ACCA qualification in Mongolia since 2016.


3 steps required to become ACCA:

1.      Successfully complete the examinations

ACCA qualification consists of 3 stages - Foundation, Applied skills and Strategic professional - total of 13 papers. GAPE Academy delivers Applied skills and Strategic professional level papers on part-time basis (evening and weekend classes) and FIA level (Foundation level) on full-time basis. 

2.      Ethical and Professional Skills Module

This is one of the 3 prerequisites of membership. This module is required by ACCA as it ensures the future professional understands and is able to apply the ethical principles and that he has professional skills required.  

3.      Practical experience requirement - PER 

Student must complete 36 months of practical experience requirement in order to be qualified as ACCA. PER can be completed while studying for ACCA, before or after. Student shall demonstrate that he has completed 9 performance objectives set out by ACCA.

At GAPE Academy, we help you successfully complete every step of the journey to ACCA qualification. 

There are also additional benefits student can earn along their АССА qualification:

1. Award of BSc in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University - successful completion of Research and Analysis Paper after Applied Skills level 

2. Award of Master in Professional Accountancy - Joint programme of ACCA and University of London which allows ACCA affiliates to enrol

3. Exemption from relevant examination of Mongolian Institute of Certified Public Accountants.


Qualified tutor with experience in the relevant field and ACCA


At GAPE's centrally located, modern, clean  and exclusive environment


Maximum 20 students per session

Learning hours

Total of 100 hours of classroom learning

+ 2 mocks & mock reviews

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3 steps required for ACCA

ACCA Programme policies

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