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About us

Pioneering in the filed of professional education in Mongolia, GAPE - the Global Academy of Professional Education - was established back in 2016 to contribute to development of businesses and society. 

One of the main services we provide is Chartered and Certified Accountants (CPAs). GAPE partners with Becker Education Group to deliver US CPA (American CPA) exam preparatory courses in Mongolia and Central Asia to open wider opportunities to finance professionals. Earning CPA designation is considered as Golden passport for finance professionals. Rigorous training and upholding of high ethical standards make the CPAs valuable human capital fully capable of helping businesses grow sustainably.

We also work with ACCA (Association of Chartered and Certified Accountants) to deliver another globally recognised qualification in Mongolia. As ACCA's Gold Approved Learning Provider, we at GAPE are passionate about developing globally acknowledged finance and accounting professionals.


In doing so, English proficiency is the most important driver in personal and professional development. GAPE's IELTS, iBT-TOEFL exam preparatory courses, English for Accounting and English for special purposes courses are designed to help students in meeting whatever objective they set by solving their language problem. 

What we aim at is to help our students to access globally recognised, high-quality education in their home country.

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Welcome note

We believe in adding value to our students' personal and professional life, which is the essence of the services we provide.


This is exactly why we strive to maintain the highest levels of quality in our teaching by embracing creativity in the delivery of our educational services along with the highest moral standard and professional integrity. This is apparent from the active collaboration we have with world-leading professional education providers and it keeps us in line with the increasingly global trends of life-long learning and the ongoing nature of professional development.


We offer complete support to our students to reap the potential benefits of their chosen qualification to contribute to their success.

Choosing the right qualification is essential, especially for younger students and their future career as it opens more opportunities and embark on long-haul journey toward fulfilling and empowered work and personal life. And it is in our best interest to help them fulfill their dream and develop into internationally recognised professionals.


On top of the globally recognised qualification and experienced tutors, we offer central location and excellent facilities to enable a vibrant environment for our students and to make their overall learning an enjoyable and engaging experience.


We welcome you to GAPE and hope your journey with us will be one of the best of your life.


Bayarmaa B.

Managing director.

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The mission

Everyone at GAPE is inspired by the idea that an individual should continuously develop to empower oneself and others. This simple, yet powerful idea lies at the heart of everything we do to support our students to continuously thrive to maximize their potential to lead a meaningful and impactful life. The decisions and actions of  today leads to a place where we will be tomorrow. To sum up our philosophy at GAPE:

  • Aim high

  • Act now

  • Add value

  • Achieve tomorrow.

This leads to our mission – Opening door to your dream!

The values

There are also 5 core values we adhere to in our day-to-day operations.

  • Integrity – We hold the highest ethical standards in everything we do.

  • Knowledge – We offer the globally recognized professional education to help you reach your goals.

  • Support – We provide you with continuous support in your developmental journey with us.

  • Opportunity – We open doors and increase your opportunities to reach your potential

  • Results – We succeed when you succeed – thus we are fully dedicated to helping you succeed.

Here, we open door to your dream.

The team

Bayarmaa B.

Managing director

CPA, MBA, Doctorate

3 decades of experience in educational field drives her passion to make difference in professional education field.

Inspiring and helping the staff and students to be better and reach more.

Ankhbayar B.

MA in TESOL, Doctorate

Head of English Studies

Valuable experience in teaching academic English to speakers of other languages.

Empowering young and mature students to follow their passion and study academic and professional qualification in English either at GAPE or abroad.

Jargalmaa A.

CPA, MBA, ACCA Affiliate


Experience in preparing students for professional examinations such as ACCA and FIA. Worked in corporate reporting and governance area.

Amartuul T.


Experienced in various fields of business such as audit, reporting, banking and investment. Mentorship to finance professionals to reach their potentials.

Itgel E.

CPA, ACCA Affiliate

Experienced in management accounting and performance management. Helps students to understand and apply complex theories and models.

Ariunjargal Kh.

ACCA Member

Experienced in investment and financing.

Khongorzul E.

English tutor

Helps and supports students to find their learning style suitable for learning English using both classroom and online teaching as well as new interactive ways of teaching.

Zoljargal G.

English tutor

Helps and supports students to find their learning style suitable for learning English using both classroom and online teaching as well as new interactive ways of teaching.

Tuyatsetseg D.

Educational consultant

Advises and supports students to ensure they are getting the right support for their chosen course.

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