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Intensive General English course

      This course is dedicated to those wanting to extend their English language range by revising and strengthening their grammatical knowledge, thus learning not only to better understand a variety of complex structures but also to produce accurate grammar along with a wider range of adequate vocabulary. After taking Essential English course, students can join our IELTS preparation course at discounted price.


A well-designed course content and study materials are to provide the learners with excellent foundations of improved English language knowledge needed for any contexts, including academic English exams (IELTS or iBT TOEFL), workplace communication (both oral and written), etc. by improving their overall proficiency level of English and by equipping them with tools to demonstrate greater lexical flexibility.

To those who have completed this course, we are delighted to offer 10% discount when they enroll in the IELTS preparation course conducted at GAPE.


Experienced tutors with MA-TESOL


Group of 10-15 students


Twice a week on weekdays


8 weeks

Үнэ төлбөргүй үзүүлэх хичээл сар болгоны 3 дахь 7 хоногийн Баасан гараг - Бүртгүүлэх

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