ACCA programme policy

Pre-enrollment information

1. Course types and fee

1.1 GAPE will conduct courses indicated in Attachment A, and upon completion of GAPE’s ACCA course student will be prepared to sit ACCA exam.

1.2 GAPE will conduct the courses in accordance with ACCA syllabus.

1.3 GAPE will conduct the courses on its premises according to pre-approved and informed schedule.

1.4 Course fee is indicated in Attachment B, and other fees indicated in Attachment C.

1.5 To enroll for course, the advance payment of 400,000 MNT must be transferred to GAPE’s bank account 457050524 (Trade and Development bank, bank account title: Global Academy of Professional Education) before the start of course.

1.6 Course fee must be completely paid before standard exam entry deadline. (e.g. for September session course, student shall pay all the course fees by 25 July)

2. Course attendance and progress

2.1 An individual who gets full pre-enrollment information and commits to enrollment will sign a contract with GAPE and will then be considered as GAPE’s student. Furthermore, the student should attend the course with 100% attendance with complete acknowledgement of the course content, prepare and sit for an exam on time.

2.2 If the student cannot attend the class due to personal matter, the student must inform the student support staff by phone or email before the class to be excused starts.

2.3 Even though the missed subjects will not be taught individually to the student, the student is able to ask and clarify those subjects from tutor.

2.4 Tutor will be responsible for keeping record of student attendance, informing study progress of student and other issues, and reporting them to the GAPE’s administration.

2.5 GAPE and tutor will be able to make changes in schedules in certain circumstances. In that case, the session will be re-scheduled to appropriate near date.

3. Refund policy

3.1 Refunds relating to the cancelation of the course: GAPE will inform the cancellation of student’s registered course within three working days after the decision of cancellation:

i. If the course cannot start on the scheduled date;

ii. If the course cancelled before it starts;

Reasons mentioned above and other possible arrangements will be informed to the student. After receiving the announcement on paper or other accurate forms, the student must inform either he/ she accepts the alternative arrangement (e.g. postponing start of course by 7 days etc.) or denies it within 5 working days. If the student refuses to take the course, GAPE will fully refund any course fee paid. Other payments will not be refunded (ACCA registration fee which is not related to the course fee, exemption fee etc.)

3.2 Due to the other circumstances apart from situations in 3.1, such as the situation when the student is willing to cancel the course: GAPE will give a refund according to the Attachment C within 7 working days after receiving the written notice.

3.3 If the student would like to cancel the course when it has already started, GAPE will give refund according to the Attachment C within 7 working days after receiving the written notice.

4. Course deferment due to the student request

4.1 If a student, who has already paid the course fee, wants to cancel the course before its start, he/she must inform GAPE’s administration within 5 working days before the start of the course. In this circumstance, the student can enroll to the next available course from the start or get refund in accordance with 3.2.

4.2 If a student, who has already paid the course fee, wants to defer the course, he/she must inform GAPE by written notice within earliest possible date. In this case, the student could enroll to the next same course from the postponed session.

4.3 If the course has already passed its 50%, the student could not defer the course.

4.4 GAPE will make a decision of course’s start date, tutor and number of students sit in course. GAPE is fully capable of making changes in courses and verify the course’s start date.

5. Discount


6. Course transfer

6.1 Student may change to other courses which is offered by GAPE before the start of enrolled course. In this case, he/she will pay/get refund of any difference in fees of two courses.

6.2 Student cannot transfer courses after the start of enrolled course.

7. Solving student complaint and suggestions

7.1 GAPE will have complaint box working at its premises at all times.

7.2 The student may give his/ her complaint written on paper with or without mentioning /anonymously/ their names.

7.3 If student wants to make a complaint formally, he/she will complete the student complaint form and submit it to student support manager. The student support manager shall classify the complaint according to 7.5, 7.6, and bring complaint to attention of responsible person. The complaint should be discussed and any outcome shall be informed to the student within 15 working days.

7.4 Two employees from GAPE/ACCA course leader and student support manager/ will open the complaint box and log the complaints into complaint log by date.

7.5 GAPE’s administration will resolve complaint involving classroom, school environment and facilities and communicate it to the student. If the enquiry cannot be resolved in the short run, i.e. 10 working days, the student will be informed about when the complaint can be resolved within 15 working days of receipt of complaint.

7.6 GAPE ACCA course leader will resolve complaint about course, tutor, course materials jointly with GAPE’s management and involved course tutor. If required, course tutor will be counselled and advised to make changes.

7.7 If tutor is found guilty of serious violation in relation to student(s) /alcoholism, sexual and other form of abuse, fraud/, tutor’s employment with GAPE will be terminated immediately.

7.8 GAPE’s staff who are involved in the student complaint resolution process will be respectful in all dealings with the student, safeguard the confidentiality and will not discriminate against the student.

7.9 Any student that wishes to make a complaint to ACCA regarding GAPE are advised to follow GAPE’s complaints procedure first. If the complaint is not handled to their satisfaction, the student can escalate their complaint to ACCA. If a student has exhausted both your complaints process and ACCA’s, they can escalate to the appropriate regulator. Details of which can be found on the ACCA website at the following link:

8. VISA application and status

8.1 GAPE will accept foreign students with valid visa. However, GAPE will not be responsible for application and maintenance of VISA. GAPE will not whatsoever assist or take part in VISA processing.

8.2 The student will be responsible for application and maintenance of VISA.

9. Privacy policy

9.1 We gather student’s information from enrollment form filled by student and course attendance, tutor feedbacks and ACCA’s Results service.

9.2 We use students’ data only lawfully, fairly and in transparent manner.

9.3 We only disclose students’ data to ACCA for Results service and upon consent from student.

9.4 We do not disclose students’ data to any other third-party. If this should be done in the performance of contract with the student, GAPE shall at all time seek consent from student.

9.5 Student is responsible for up-to-date and accurate information about himself/herself. If student needs to change his/her information, student should contact GAPE administration through email/phone.

9.6 GAPE will retain personal data on inactive students for 5 years after the end of relationship.

9.7 Student has the following rights;

  • the right of access or to obtain a copy of their information

  • the right to correction or updating

  • the right to complain (to both the GAPE and the regulator)

  • the right to object, block or put on hold processing

  • the right to be forgotten

  • the right of data portability to another provider.

9.8 GAPE do not use students’ personal data in any other uses except necessary for performance of contract between student and GAPE.

Attachment A

Course fee


Study name

Course fee





Management accounting



Financial accounting



Corporate and Business Law



Performance management



Taxation (UK)



Financial reporting



Audit and assurance



Financial management



Strategic Business Reporting



Strategic Business Leader



Advanced Financial Management



Advanced Performance Management



Advanced Taxation



Advanced Audit& Assurance


Mentorship for Research Assessment Paper for BSc in Applied Accounting from OBU (Oxford Brookes University)


*- Exam fee and payment of study book are included in the course fee.

Attachment B

Other fees

Detailed information of payment Fee

АССА registration fee $60

Exemption fee for АССА exam (FA-LW) £0/each

*- If the registration has already made and registration fee has already paid, refunding will not be made because payments mentioned above will be paid to ACCA on the behalf of student.

**- Payments mentioned above can be changed, since these fees are officially confirmed by ACCA.

Attachment C

Refund table

Refund for course fees paid

Dates of student’s received request after the course started

100% - Before the start of course

80% - within 14 days of start of course

50% - within a month after the course started